Society News

  • Hinckley Graduate Enshrined in Aviation Hall of Fame
    The Historical Society is in the process of gathering stories about residents and the experiences and impacts they have made in their lives. The following information was shared by Dorothy Myers; and Aleata, David, and Russel Evans who are relatives of Floyd Evans. When high school graduates depart, they are often told many will move… Read more: Hinckley Graduate Enshrined in Aviation Hall of Fame
  • Mother Relives Her Youth
    It’s not often that a son takes the time to visit with his mother about her youth. I hadn’t until challenged to capture the memories of someone for the Historical Society collection. It was a great opportunity to interview my mother—Bette Richards Wielert. Mom was born in Sandwich, Illinois in September 1937 to Doras L.… Read more: Mother Relives Her Youth
  • What Drives These Educators?
    Last spring the Hinckley-Big Rock school district selected four individuals for recognition as leaders in education. This was the first time the district presented such recognition and perhaps it was due in part to wanting to showcase the quality of educators in the district. Each award recipient took time before the start of the fall semester to talk about their backgrounds, goals, and interests in education. A common response, as you will read, was their concern for students, efforts to keep everyone focused on learning, and length of time at HBR.
  • Origins of our Sleeping Places
  • The Farmer’s Harrow
    This was originally printed in an old farm magazine. The author is unknown. I thought it was a funny piece and since it is the time of the year when farmers are tilling their ground, I thought it would be an interesting article. The Hinckley – Squaw Grove – Pierce area is made up of… Read more: The Farmer’s Harrow