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This is the official website for the Hinckley Illinois Historical Society, an online resource made available free of charge to anyone seeking information about the history of the Village of Hinckley and surrounding townships of Squaw Grove and Pierce! The material contained in this website is only a sampling of our collection at the museum located in downtown Hinckley. Visit our contact page for more information.

The Hinckley Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the past for the future. By exploring the past, one finds secrets along the journey as to the who, the what, and whys of our history. Present and future generations can use these lessons to help guide them as they go through life. To achieve this mission, the society seeks to collect and preserve artifacts, letters, photographs, documents, and personal stories. Then it helps put the collection into perspective for various audiences to understand their history and give guidance for their lives.

  • Hinckley Graduate Enshrined in Aviation Hall of Fame
    The Historical Society is in the process of gathering stories about residents and the experiences and impacts they have made in their lives. The following information was shared by Dorothy… Continue reading Hinckley Graduate Enshrined in Aviation Hall of Fame
  • Mother Relives Her Youth
    It’s not often that a son takes the time to visit with his mother about her youth. I hadn’t until challenged to capture the memories of someone for the Historical… Continue reading Mother Relives Her Youth
  • What Drives These Educators?
    Last spring the Hinckley-Big Rock school district selected four individuals for recognition as leaders in education. This was the first time the district presented such recognition and perhaps it was due in part to wanting to showcase the quality of educators in the district. Each award recipient took time before the start of the fall semester to talk about their backgrounds, goals, and interests in education. A common response, as you will read, was their concern for students, efforts to keep everyone focused on learning, and length of time at HBR.

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Then the museum is open on Saturdays from 10 to noon or by appointment at other times.  Call Bob at 815-761-4058.  Our museum has been remodeled and expanded with new displays of highlights from our 20 decades of history. We look forward to seeing you.